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Writing Logic in your Safety PLC

In a previous article, we discussed some safety options from Rockwell for a safety PLC as well as industry standards such as IEC 61508 and SIL ratings. In this article, I want to venture into the software side and take...

Getting Started with your Safety PLC

For a machine application that involves a safety system, guarding or other needed safety equipment, Rockwell, as well as other vendors, provide safety solutions that meet the requirements to replace safety relays and hard-wired safety controls up to SIL...

What is PRP?

Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) is a standard defined in IEC 62439-3 and is adopted in the ODVA, Inc. EtherNet /IP specification, and is used to create network redundancy by allowing PRP enabled devices to send duplicate Ethernet frames over...
CompactLogix 5380 Fi

Why Are My 5069-IF8 Analog Inputs Updating Slowly?

One of our community members recently asked what would cause his 5380 analog inputs updating so slow? His application required that each 5380 analog inputs updated every 10ms, but what he was seeing in the field was a much slower. When...

First Look: Wago Pro 2 Power Supply

We take a first look at the Pro 2 Power Supply from Wago in this episode of The Automation Minute.  The Automation Minute, Season 5 Episode 6 Show Notes: Special thanks to Wago for sending us a sample of their Pro...